Salvador Riba


"To express with out filtering and make the truth clearly appear,

to demand with all the forces what is desired

so that the imaginary and fantasy become real, to dream, stumble, cry and really laugh;


to start over and become public and artist as a  child for a moment

for all this we do theater"










Gestual Theatre, Escola Internacional de Teatre Físic Berty Tobias. Pedagogia Lecoq (Barcelona).

Circus, handstand technique,  Lido Cente des Arts du Cirque  (Toulouse).

Contemporary Dance, Space Saint Cyprien (Toulouse) and Centre Civic Barceloneta (Barcelona)



"El Misterio del Interior". Gestual Theatre/Circus. 2015-2016.

Proyecto "Ecatombe". Gestual Theatre/Circus. 2017-2018.

"El gran Restaurante" .Colectivo "Mascarpone". Gestual Theatre. 2018.

" Tsunami". Gestual Theatre/Circus. 2019-2020.

"Duo". Theatre/Dance. 2019-2020.