Mr. Spark

"Internal Affairs"


Mr Spark has to work in his office as he does everyday. But today - suddenly - there are many people watching him (the audience). Mr Spark, already being a clumsy and distracted person, has trouble working properly, but today with the presence of all these people, his work shift will be transformed into a magnificent and funny street show.


The audience will be accomplices in his work failure...his worst defaults as a office worker will become his best qualities as the show´s protagonist.


“The Mistery of Interior” is presented as an accidental chain of funny scenes, featuring a handsome character dressed with different artistic techniques".


"An interesting, fresh and new mix of circus, gestual theatre, object manipulation and audience participation".





Show:”The Mistery of Interior”


Time: 30min


Disciplines: circus (hand stand), clown, gestual theatre and object manipulation.


Idea and creation: Salvador Riba


Scenography: Pedro Almeida


Artistic direction: Anthony Mathieu









Show suitable for interior and exterior.

There is a version with fire, created to play during the night (no light conditions)


Size: 7m wide X 7m deep X 4m high

Flat floor, smooth and without relief.


Set up: 15 minutes


Set down: 15 minutes


Material to be provided by the organization: none


If possible : 220W


Sound : basic sound through amplifier provided by Mr. Spark


Lighting: basic lightening or daylight. Posibility of advanced lightening with technician


Mr. Spark

"Failed Holidays"

Work in progress. (2019-2020). Clown / Teatre gestual / Circ.

Mr Spark after being dismissed from his office, decides to take a vacation on the beach. His goal is a swim in the sea, let´s see if he gets it...

Avenir Light es una fuente elegante ideal para diseñadores. Es una excelente fuente para títulos, párrafos y más.



Work in progress. (2019-2020). Theater-Dance
Two people meet to eat. The field becomes a stroll through human relationships. Everything ends just the same way it starts.